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Tekwini Tombstones-POPIA Privacy Policy


Your privacy is very important to the Tekwini Tombstones, and all personal information (“PI”) collected will be handled in a lawful, justifiable and reasonable manner. We will be as open and transparent as possible with you as to how your PI is handled.

This privacy notice describes how your personal information, as described in the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013 (“POPIA”), is collected and used by Tekwini Tombstones as a result of your engagement with us. This includes how we use the information, and why.

 What PI Tekwini Tombstones collects

Should you engage with any member of Tekwini Tombstones, as a customer/supplier, Tekwini Tombstones may collect your PI. This PI includes, amongst others, information relating to your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, business facsimile number, financial information and/or history, references, and other private or confidential information.

The members of Tekwini Tombstones may and/or will collect PI directly from you during the procurement process or from our interactions with you when you conduct business or make enquiries with members of Tekwini Tombstones. In some cases, we may collect PI about you from sources other than yourself, including and not limited to, references that you provide or from public records.

Please inform us if your PI changes from time to time so that we can update the information we have for you.

Purpose for which PI is being collected

Tekwini Tombstones collects your PI for various purposes. Some of these purposes and the ways in which Tekwini Tombstones uses your PI include the following:

· To pursue the legitimate business interests for any member of Tekwini Tombstones.

. To pursue the business relationship between yourself and any member of Tekwini     


· To respond to any communication that you have sent to us;

· To contact you from time to time for marketing purposes or to be put on our mailing list,

  when permitted under POPIA to do so or where you have consented to being contacted;

· For such other purposes to which you may consent from time to time;

· To comply with our contractual obligations to you and to others;

· To recover payments due to us by legal action; and

· To comply with legal requirements and obligations imposed on us by law.

Whether the supply of your PI is voluntary or mandatory?

When you engage with any member of Tekwini Tombstones, we will need to use your PI for Tekwini Tombstones administrative or other business-related purposes. Without processing your PI, it will not be possible for Tekwini Tombstones to fulfil its obligations under contract.

Your consent is not required where any member of Tekwini Tombstones is required to process your PI to fulfil its obligations under contract with you or in terms of the other justifications prescribed by the POPIA. Nonetheless, withholding your PI may obstruct or prevent Tekwini Tombstones from being able to render services to you and carry out its obligations, under contract or in law.

Transfer and Sharing of PI

In some cases, PI is shared with third parties such as vendors, contractors and other Tekwini Tombstones service providers and external individuals, as well as with legal and regulatory authorities. In certain instances, these third parties are entities or individual’s resident in countries outside of South Africa or forming part of international organisations. Tekwini Tombstones also provides shared services to the other members of Tekwini Tombstones

In all instances, the sharing and transfer of your PI is necessary in order to meet our contractual obligations with you, or on other lawful and recognised grounds, and is carried out with appropriate contractual safeguards in place to ensure the confidentiality and security of your PI.

Your Rights to Your PI

As a data subject you have a number of rights in relation to your PI. You can, amongst others:

· Require Tekwini Tombstones to confirm whether or not we hold any of your PI;

· Require us to amend incorrect or incomplete PI;

· Object to the, or require Tekwini Tombstones to stop, processing your PI, for example where the processing of your PI is no longer necessary;

· Require us to erase your PI;

· Where our processing of your PI is based solely on your consent, you may withdraw that consent;

· Opt out of marketing related e-mail communication at any time; or

· Receive from us the PI we hold about you, which you have provided to us, including for the purpose of you transmitting that PI to another responsible party.

Please note that the above rights are not absolute, and Tekwini Tombstones may be entitled to refuse requests where exceptions apply.

Contacting Tekwini Tombstones

For all comments, questions, concerns or complaints regarding your PI, or for further information, or if you wish to exercise any of your rights, please contact Tekwini Tombstones Information Officer, Ronica Pather on

If you have a complaint and you remain dissatisfied with how your complaint has been dealt with, you may send your complaint to the Information Regulator on or

Changes to this Privacy Notice

Tekwini Tombstones has the right to update and amend this notice from time to time.

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